Hello! I don’t know if anyone besides me will end up reading this blog, so at least for now it’s mainly geared towards helping me remember things I’ve done, something I liked, etc. It will probably be tech heavy at first, because my initial point in starting it was to document migrating my domain,, to be as secure as I can. This was inspired by a job change, where I switched from being primarily an application developer (and really, mostly managing teams of developers the last few years – which left me with little time to actually do any coding) to heading up our new secure coding team.

What this blog will not cover is one of my other passions: travel. For that, I’ve started a separate blog, here. In many ways, that is a successor to the blog I started when I took a work-sponsored sabbatical in 2015.

If you find this blog interesting or there is something I’ve posted that you would like to know more about, please feel free to reach out in the comments section.

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